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Albert Cuyp Netherlands Amsterdam most Famous and Largest Multicultural Street Market of the Netherlands

The Amsterdam Albert Cuyp street market is one of the most popular established street markets of the city in the “de Pijp” [the pipe because of the narrow streets] area build in the late 18thC begin 20thC  and now a well-sought after trendy yuppie neighborhood of Amsterdam.

The day street market is situated between “de Ferdinand Bolstraat”  and “de Van Woustraat”. "Ferdinand Bolstraat" and "Albert Cuyp" both of them famous Dutch painters from the 17th C.

With the increasing influx of multi-culture residents like Surinamese, Antillean - Turkish and Moroccan origin, the products on display at this farmers market have changed too with more varity of foodstuffs now - from the traditional range of vegetables - fruit and fish to clothing and even electronics cameras. There are many typical  and speciality products for sale that are of interest to the city's multi-ethnic inhabitants adding to the strong multicultural ambiance of the  neighbourhood.

Behind the stalls you also find interesting shops of all kind of multi-cultural produce giving you excellent shopping opportunities for bargain hunters.

This colourful street market has its origin at the beginning of the 20th C. as a random collection of street traders and pushcarts mainly trading fish food products such as vegetables potatoes  and fish.  At first held only on Saturday evenings.  From 1912, the centenary market became a regular daytime street market open six days a week and still is today. Originally the street was inaccessible while the market was taking place; since years now the street has been completely closed off to traffic during market hours.

This market is the most prominent and busiest of street market in all of the Netherlands and it is allegedly the largest daytime market in Europe. That makes this market an important tourist attraction and an excellent photo opportunity.

Many popular small restaurants and coffee shops many of them ethnic restaurants and bars that are found around the market stalls of “Albert Cuyp” market place and streets around like “Gerard Doustraat” and “Van Helsstraat” . This is generally an area where you can enjoy good authentic food and drinks can be found in a delightful ambiance.

If you're planning to visit this area you are advised to see the old “Heineken” brewery housed at the “Van Helsstraat” corner “Stadhouserskade” and at the same time make it a great farmers market and Heineken experience.

Keep track of live performance shows in the city. A great number of live performances varying from classical music-jazz-blues-rock pop concerts-entertainment-puppet and erotic shows are on in Amsterdam. Up-to-date list of music dancing halls cafes and places here

Amsterdam Calendar - 2013 will be a very special year in celebration of several events lots of things to do in the city from art exhibitions to a variety of concerts- processions and international sporting events so it will be a great year for Amsterdam shopping too.

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