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Amsterdam cafes where you can meet-up with "Amsterdammers" [locals from Amsterdam]

If you are looking for real brown Amsterdam cafes in Amsterdam where locals frequently meet for a drink after work or just relax with their friends. Amsterdam has a great variety of pubs and bars; here you find the real local bars where you can share a drink and a chat with “Amsterdammers” [Amsterdam people] in other words cafes  you can go to for “gezelligheid” [ambiance] and not a place just get to get drunk...Meet with the street poet here....

Here follows an interesting summary of special Amsterdam cafes frequented by “de Amsterdammers” [the people of Amsterdam]: read more about
Amsterdam-cafes “Cafe Nol” in “de Westerstraat 109”  is a famous cafe in the “Jordaan”  the old quarter near the “Prinsengracht” it is a café with a typical Dutch Amsterdam cafes accented repertoire of music enjoyment. It is a very popular pub with tourists too. Nol Café opened its doors in June 1966 at that time named cafe Huisman the previous owner.

Cafe "Hoppe" at Spui 18-20 is one of the oldest Amsterdam-cafes founded in 1670. The place consists of two parts the oldest part is located on number 18 is also called the Stand-Hoppe because most of the clientele stand in the street before the pub to be seen. This special famous bar is frequented by executives-students-people of all walks of life coming together & blending in nicely indoors or in the street before the bar.

Enjoying Amsterdam’s charm at Cafe de “Nieuwe Lelie” Nieuwe Leliestraat 83 “de Jordaan” This café is frequented by “Amsterdammers“ is the place to enjoy without the loud party music. The cozy ambience also contributes to its popularity.  “de Nieuwe Lelie” is located within the vicinity of the Tuinstraat. The crooked façade has been its identifying mark. For first timers coming to Amsterdam this cafe is especially  worth a visit.

Cafe “Chris” Bloemstraat 42 this place opened its doors in 1624 as a beer house and is therefore the oldest cafe in the Jordaan. The story goes that workers from the nearby Westertoren frequented this cafe.

Cafe“Kalkhoven” "Prinsengracht" 283 At the foot of the Westertoren, you will find one of the oldest brown cafes in Amsterdam. It is called  “Kalkhoven” and situated on the corner of the Prinsengracht and the “Westermarkt”

“De Jaren”  [the Years] at “de Nieuwe Doelenstraat 20-22”  owes its popularity to the quality of their kitchen - the attractive salad bar - the reading table and most of all the location of the terrace on the waterfront with breathtaking views on the river Amstel. Inside the place has a variety of nooks and crannies either sit quietly and/of for entertaining your friends and quests.

Amsterdam Calendar - 2013 will be a very special year in celebration of several events lots of things to do in the city from art exhibitions to a variety of concerts- processions and international sporting events so it will be a great year for Amsterdam shopping too.

 "Cafe ‘t Smalle" [the Narrow] cafe is a typical example of a brown Amsterdam cafes it is located at the“Egelantiersgracht 12  “de Jordaan” is a must visit – it has a special history -- on the site of the current cafe began in 1780 Peter Hoppe liqueurs and genever distillery;  genever is a Dutch brandy distilled from corn. Hoppe's distillery became increasingly popular over the years and is still an important brand name. In 1978 the current Amsterdam cafe opened at the “Egelantiersgracht 12” There are many original features still in tact - like a feature of the spiral staircase and glass-glass medallions. In this stylish and authentic building the unique artistic glass-glass medallions were made ​​around 1900.

"Cafe Lowietje 3e Goudsbloemdwarsstraat" 2 in de Jordaan” This is a LOCAL pub visited by “Amsterdammers”  and not on the list of tourist places therefore great fun to visit as a part of your real Amsterdam-cafes experience.

“Van Puffelen” at the “Prinsengracht 375-377”  this is a meeting place for young & old especially in spring and summer time the pavement in front the pub on the canal is totaly  blocked with visitors- locals – students – tourists – everybody joining in with a glass in their hands celebrating Amsterdam pub life and you will be surprised how generaly relaxed the ambiance is as well. It als has a very good restaurant.

“Het Molenpad” [the mills pathway] Cafe-restaurant a venue with a typical Amsterdam atmosphere on the canal, within walking distance of the “Leidseplein” The place has been changed from pub into eatery and is known for its terrace on the canal an excellent place after a tyring day to sit and watch & relax with a drink and a good meal.

Cafe “Eijlders” Eijlders, since 1940 has made its mark on cafe history because it was a meeting place of the Dutch Amsterdam resistance it is also known as an authentic Amsterdam brown cafe with a a unique atmospheric interior. The cozy round table and two seats are raised by the first owner John Eylders in person.

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