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Dutch-art in particular Dutch painters have been world famous over the years

Not only had the Dutch-art produced many world famous painters  but also many other unique well-known artists....

Dutch painters: Some highlights of Dutch-art from well-known painters of various stages are: Dutch art golden age was among the much-admired in the 17th century. During which period there was a huge wave of productivity in the Dutch art world in general and paintings; to such an extent that prices of precious artworks declined particularly from around 1620  Frans Hals - Ruysdeal - Dutch paintings  made a break- through from the Baroque style characterized by Rubens in neighboring Flanders [then a part of the 7 provinces of the Dutch republic] to a more realistic style of portraying a real world style of painting - including historical paintings-portraits -landscapes and cityscapes, still lifes and genre paintings. With the latter four of these new styles - Dutch painters set a trend which art styles in Europe would be influenced by for the next two hundred years. Paintings often had a moralistic subtext.

Johannes Vermeer's works are famously admired for the master’s use of transparent colours, cautious composition, and special brilliant use of light. The master’s most well-known works are Girl with a Pearl Earring and the Officer and a Laughing Girl.

Utrechtse School refers to a group of painters who were active in the city of Utrecht  in the early part of the 17th century. This is part of what is called the Baroque period. This group of painters all strongly influenced by the then deceased painter Caravaggio-who died in 1610.

More examples of Dutch-art Master painters: Willem Claeszoon HedaBreakfast with a Lobster (seventeenth century). Especially portrait paintings in the Netherlands flourished in the 17th C.   Painters from the Northern provinces induced feelings in the viewer by letting the individual be an observer to a scene of deep intimacy. Quite often in those days group portraits were ordered by members of a city's civilian guard-or regents.

The Night Watch by Rembrandt By 1631 Rembrandt van Rijn The famous master of depicting LIGHT - was at the peak of his artistic productivity that he received numerous projects for portraits from regents of Amsterdam. Around 1640, Rembrandt’s work became contrary to the then taste of influenced people and more sober- reflecting personal family tragedies that he had suffered. Contrary to the trend of the time exhuberance was replaced by more sober sincere emotions. Biblical scenes were now derived more often from the New Testament than the Old Testament. One of Rembrandt’s most famous paintings is The Night Watch, which was completed in 1642- Holland's golden age of painting. The “Nachtwacht”  [the Nightwatch]  was custom-made to be hung in the banquet hall of the newly built building “Kloveniersdoelen”  [Musketeers Meeting Hall] in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Calendar - 2013 will be a very special year in celebration of several events lots of things to do in the city from art exhibitions to a variety of concerts- processions and international sporting events so it will be a great year for Amsterdam shopping too.

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