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“de Keizersgracht”  Amsterdam [Emperor’s Canal] is the widest canal and situated in the midst of the three main canals in Amsterdam.

“de Keizersgracht”:   This magnificent interesting canal is an very exclusive canal to wander down for shopping lovers because of the location close to the famous 9 Little Streets “9 Straatjes”  not only for shopping is this canal a must see…..

“de Keizersgracht”  was named after Maximilian of Austria this canal is 31 meters wide therefore the widest canal of Amsterdam. Together with the the “Prinsengracht” the digging of this canal was started in 1612.

When it freezes in winter all boating on this canal is strictly forbidden in order to keep the growth of ice undamaged. As soon as the ice is thick enough “de Amsterdammers” [inhabitants of Amsterdam] can skate on “de Keizersgracht”  When the ice has been tested and thick enough makes it possible to organise the “Keizersrace” [Emperor’s race] a sprint ice-skate race on the natural ice of the canal.

Main interesting highlights numbers to watch on this canal:

At nr 44 one can see the three Greenland Warehouses dated 1620 they are considered rare buildings because they are the only warehouses in Amsterdam with step gables and ornaments making Greenland Warehouses a monument.

The famous “Rode Hoed” [Red Hat] on nr 102 refers to a hat maker’s business that was located there until 1629. A year after the Remonstrant Brotherhood bought the premises and build a ‘hidden church’ at that place. Same as Catholics, the Remonstrant were  not allowed either to practice their belief openly it remained a church until 1957.  

At nr 123 you will see the House with the heads named after 6 heads sticking out of the gable which was built in 1622 by municipal architect Hendrik de Keyser who build the famous “Westerkerk” Western church. The story goes was that they were the heads of 6 burglars who tried to force into the house through an open basement window. The maid saw the burglar’s heads peeking into the window and cut the 6 burglars heads off with a meat knife – however in reality they are the heads of 6 Roman gods and goddesses: Apollo - Diana – Ceres - Minerva – Mercurius and Bacchus.

At nr 148 you will find a hotel that looks like three traders houses from the 17th century. These 3 merchants’ houses were linked together by a main hall and rebuilt in 1957 to form a fashionable luxury hotel with many exceptional features.

the “Homomonument” between “de Prinsengracht” and “Keizersgracht” on the “Keizersgracht” side the “Westerkerk”  in-between. Gay people from all over the world pay a tribute to the “Homomonument”  [Gay monument] coming specially to Amsterdam to visit this unique designed monument to put flowers on it in commemoration of the 70 000 gay and lesbian people who died in the Nazi concentration camps during World War II. The monument has been designed in black marble in the form of two overlapping triangles which together form a star one triangle sticks out in the water of the canal one triangle is almost continually covered with flowers.

Museum van Loon on no 672/  674 is housed in a double merchants mansion- originally built in 1672 is a very interesting museum as it is one of the few historic houses in Amsterdam where interior and exterior are still preserved in their original 17th century state. Behind the gables one find a beautiful Louis XIV garden complete with garden house and a coach house as well. The coach house serves today as location for wedding parties.

As follows a complete chronological list of the many monuments and monumental mansions located at this canal: Nos 102 The Red Hat from 1630 . 123: The House with the Heads , from 1622 .141: The South Africa House.177: The Coymanshuis -- by architect Jacob van Campen - from 1625 . 209: The Hope - in 1734  - restored in 2001, 220: Our Lady , in 1854 .224: Saxenburg, renovated after 1755 .225: The Koopermoole - from 1746 . 242-252 Groote Keyser , built between 1620 and 1730 324: Felix Meritis , from 1787 . 334-346: The Claes Reiniersz hofje - from 1618 . 384: The Dylan Hotel - former Roman Catholic Arms Office and before the first theatre on the Keizersgracht 1637-1664 401: The House Marseilles –built in 1665 - now a museum for photography. 566: The Keizersgracht Church built in1888 . 609: Foam Photography Museum Amsterdam . 633: The Museum Geelvinck Hinlopen House672-674: The Van Raey-House, now the Museum Van Loon , in 1671 . 676: The New Walloon Church, Keizersgracht 676, from 1856 . 745: ING Bank

Amsterdam Calendar - 2013 will be a very special year in celebration of several events lots of things to do in the city from art exhibitions to a variety of concerts- processions and international sporting events so it will be a great year for Amsterdam shopping too.

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