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I am a self-proclaimed street-poet - after living abroad for some time - we made the decision to move back to the old city of Amsterdam in“de Jordaan”

In the beginning I felt like a stranger in my city - a street-poet in my own home town Amsterdam - it gave me the chance to get back to my roots - which inspired me tremendously giving me an opportunity to find back a long forgotten part of the past- here in my home town- being back as a street-poet  

Street Poet 3 August 2013
Gay Pride Festival
Today Amsterdam is celebrating its Gay Pride festival
Ground privileges of our society is openness
and free expression  of our beliefs—thoughts and feelings.

Especially today we should take a moment to ponder upon the freedom to unveil our sexuality but on other people too, who are not able to express their feelings—true beliefs let alone their sexuality
Nick Jacobs Amsterdam street poet

              street poet 5 July 2013
    It has been quite a trip so far
Looking back I can admit I roamed around
But being back in my city of birth
Old memories of long forgotten days
come back to the surface
Long forgotten recollections of little events from the past
come back to life

Memories getting sweeter as the time pass.
All that I have to say
it’s have been quite a trip so far
Nick Jacobs Amsterdam street poet

street poet 29 June 2013

The source versus the meaningless

The street is my source
that's where it's all happening
The streets is a great source of inspiration too, writing about
with a tiny imagination about..
every day's little anecdotes happening in the streets of *Mokum [*slang for Amsterdam]
So I need no help finding inspiration
Things happen around the clock
for the one who is open....
to let it happen
it happens all the time
At work, the bike riding along the canals
Inspiration comes within me
like a steady flow
of a luke warm wave
rolling on shore
Perhaps my scribbles are not in Wordsworth's top class
They are not written
nor supposed to be to understand
rather to feel
as a personal expression
My words are beyond meaning
as long as I understand my words
my words have a meaning to me.
Nick Jacobs Amsterdam street poet

street poet 25 june 2013

Delicateness of relationships

Relationships are fragile
Once broken --broken forever

Relationships should be based on trust
Trust gone--Relationship done
Like a book
once closed never to be opened again.

Instead I close my eyes to the world
And dream of love and remember pain it caused. 
Foresee tests of all kind.
Test one can’t imagine

Relationship;  biggest test of all

Nick Jacobs Amsterdam Street Poet

street poet 15 June 2013

Silence is golden

Men don’t like to talk, they say

It doesn’t matter what men say

nor listen what they say

and how they say….

Most men talk for the sake talking

Some men brag

A few men don’t talk…..anymore  

Silence is golden

Nick Jacobs Amsterdam street poet

Street poet 3 June 2013

Penélope Cruz Bondgirl to be

I was plesantly surpriced that Actrice Penélope Cruz (39) wil be the next  Bond-girl. Based on observations  she will do a great job, because she has a hell of a lot fire which she can release as the Bond-girl to be. We will see. All the best Penélope, wishing you all best!! Nick Jacobs Amsterdam street poet

Street poet 2 June 2013
Privilege of Life 

One of the biggest privileges of life is...

FREEDOM of Expression

Nick Jacobs Amsterdam street poet

Street poet 31 May 2013
Things happen for a reason

The heartbeat of life brings you further

Sometimes difficult to understand when something unpleasant happens

You scream, yell, moan if unexpected unpleasant things occur.

Look at what happened to me--you scream out to the world by social media--sms or whatsoever.

You want let know the world how pitiful you are.


Later in life, you understand that this or that happened then, was for a reason

That's why SH.. happens for a reason.

Nick Jacobs Amsterdam-street poet

Street poet 25 May 2013
Street Memories to Ponder Upon

Every street in the city old brings old  memories back from my past – things long ago happened

thought long forgotten came vividly back to my minds eay....

Unimportant scenes and events can go unnoticed long time.

Being back in the streets streets fueled thoughts and energizes me tremendously

For people loving cities the city streets can be the platforms of a series of happenings and events to write about. This is the reason I made up my mind to become a street poet by writing about scenes my eyes caught.

Reckoning the thrill of the ongoing street theater spectacle Amsterdam has to offer.

Nick Jacobs

street-poet 17 May 2013

The Ultimate Challenge

Once you are further down the road of life

you are aware in hindsight

frequently of the highlights in the past

becoming more and more relevant


One of the advantages is of

getting on in life are  

reflecting back with pleasure

to the exciting moments from the past

like an agreeable  painting

that isn’t so bad after all ……

If you are able to do this

You can enjoy living your life

making peace with the past


The big challenge remains however

to keep healthy and happy

and  thus reaping the rewards of

what life has to offer

Nick Jacobs

street-poet May 11 2013

Living dangerously…….

We were in the middle of a conversation….

Then his cell phone rang

He said “you’re kidding me”

“he died”?

 “his aorta ripped”

“that’s sudden”

“I am awfully sorry, my condolences”

 After the call he explained;

 “The deceased friend blowed-drank-took pills and lived like a pig till he suddenly died by a ripped aorta at the age of 50”


Whereupon I remarked: “at least he did not suffer very much”

It made me wonder which is preferable - living without fear and as  a result dying young or living with fear and dying old with illness”  

Nick Jacobs Amsterdam street-poet

street-poet April 28 2013

Craziness rules the city of Amsterdam

Craziness rules our city now

People from all over the world are flocking in hordes

Hollow eyed in anticipation of the inauguration

Desirous - wishing to have their share of the fairy-tale party

The celebrations of Willem Alexander the new King to be


For the royalist dressed in orange – it’s their day

The Republicans dressed in white—it’s their moment to protest and most of all

It falls on deaf ears

Not many want to hear

Have their dreams dashed

At the moment craziness and antagonism rules the city


Let the party commence – in full force

It’s their show now

To enjoy and make their dreams come true for one day

A happy day that we are supposing all united

In the magic of believing………….

The cameras can start rolling now

Let the show begin

Forgetting your chores of every day

Craziness rules our city of Amsterdam—for now

Let it be over so that normal life can flow its course

Nick Jacobs Amsterdam street-poet

street-poet April 16 2013

There is no such thing as the “Green Eyed Monster”

 Did you ever happen to come across the “Green Eyed Monster?”

Live and let live is the proverb

You agree with this--than take a look from the other side…….

Do you realize that you have conscious or subconsciously met with a green eyed monster at least once in your life? The monster can take on many different disguises and is dormant among friends--relatives-colleagues—the list is endless—you name it.

When you stand back and take a good look you will see  how envious they are of you and act ‘overly’ competitive

Why? Maybe because you are different

You do things they would never dream of doing which are beyond their wildest imagination

They are envious of you because--you had the courage to show your real self and stay true to your self—what you see is what you get.

Even when you can barely keep your head above water or are have a tough ride in live—they seem envious of you.

They mention you to another and point out how he is struggling in order to carry on with their lives with a feeling of self-gratification—they are captured by the “green eyed monster” and in tight grip of it, supposingly happy with their lives.

They have surrendered— to the monster-- it is now on top—having them in a steel grip—never letting up

Lucky me - not knowing the “green eyed monster” Not knowing the feeling of being envious of anyone or anything.

Feeling enlightened and free as a balloon floating in the air

And to let the green eyed monster do what it wants to do without having any impact—release it —go and see before it diminishes in front of your eyes.

Nick Jacobs Amsterdam street-poet

street-poet April 14 2013

City in Anticipation for a Royal fairy-tale Wedding

The City I call home is in full anticipation for the upcoming royal wedding…….

Giving the masses with no hope their daily distraction

A day of unparalleled celebration

So just for one day people can put their worries and enjoy.  

Bread and games for the people—following an ancient saying

Nowadays the mass Media takes over this event

By feeding their greedy interest— as much as they can

Making the upcoming Royal wedding on April 30 the event of the 21st century—to jump onto the rollercoaster of fun.

This is exactly what the masses like—feeding the media frenzy.  

Feeling bad?

The mass media certainly do not feel bad at all—neither do the masses.

That’s how it is

Let’s join the fairy-tail party! Nick Jacobs Amsterdam-street-poet

 street-poet April 12 2011

Princess Maxima’s Smile

My natal city is momentarily in trance

For the crowing of Prince Willem Alexander

Our New King in the making  

All of a sudden the nation is full of ideas

Even staunch republicans are

For a brief moment turned royalists


Composing a King’s song

Not many people really see eye to eye

Some openly snigger in anticipation   

But for time’s sake play along with it

Singing the King’s song


Not agreeable to a lot of people

Some people never thought of it

An unholy outpour of royalism  

A united kingdom on the surface


Even people you’d never think of

Are playing their game

Not from their real conviction

However just to be in the spotlight


After the 30th of April

When the party is over

They continue with their everyday life

Getting the attention

Without conviction


But for now

It seems that they belief in themselves

Follow the crowd

Long Live the New King!

Nick Amsterdam Jacobs street-poet

street-poet March 26 2013

Freeing yourself of your Burdens

Every day when I walk through the neighborhood spotting the hordes of tourist roaming the streets of the city center……

Maps in hands - camera’s ready to make the unforgettable shots.

By the look of them they appear pretty stressed out—preoccupied with important choices—as what to do next and which picture or video would their friends at home like the best?

Who should they send & tell their latest adventures to? When arrived at their holiday destination they seem a bit lost even anxious – can’t wait to share their experiences with their friends and loved ones at home and on FB.

Hesitating what to grab—which picture to take right now.

Like girls and boys in candy shops not knowing which candy to choose from.

Driven by great expectations searching for the Holy Grail—fully aware of the fact that such a thing does not exist….  

Once we comprehend the universal language of the streets—taking notice of the old man walking his dog - man walking with his dearest companion without any frills - just an ordinary man walking the street - not in a hurry—no expectations—just living in the moment—right here and now.

Finally it dawns on you that it’s our own life story which counts—nothing more nothing less—and convincing ourselves to make that decision for yourself.

Leave the map and the camera at home for one day and discover the city YOUR WAY—and…all the above dilemmas will disappear. Nick Jacobs street-poet

street-poet March 21th.2013

The street piano player and the public conscious  

At a very young age not even 5 years old street poet heard a street piano player performing – actually it was the 1st piano concert by Rachmaninoff – he, the pianist was a little man in a shabby coat sitting on top of a pushbike chart. It was not only the poor appearance of the man which caught my eye but something fascinated me about the piano player himself……   

At the same time I picked up something awkward in the audience, a small group of people in the street, which had gathered around him too—there was something of a stifling atmosphere hanging in the air.

It was like that this poor man’s tragic life story was resonating through his music.  

Difficult as it was to understand at the age 4 – instantly I felt that it had a big impact on me what was happening before my eyes.  The other people too in the street at first drawn to the music – in the end noticeably  didn’t want to let the little man’s playing get to them - call it a testimony --  withdrawal  – rejecting – not wanting anything to do with the unfortunate little man.

At the time I was too young to understand it– however in time I realised that the confrontation of this gifted piano player -- who probably had returned from the concentration camps -- spirit in tact – telling his story through Rachmaninoff’s 1st piano concert – the message – how beautiful the music was – the sadness the music expressed and the emotions and conscience hit ‘a note’ by the street audience and made people fleeing the scene.

I was left behind standing there alone sucking my thumb fascinated by the beautiful piano music coming from a little man dressed in a shabby moth eaten coat -- playing on an old rickety piano on a chart in an Amsterdam street -- long ago I will never forget.

Whenever I hear  Rachmaninoff’s then the image of the poor little piano player comes to my mind again.

Nick Jacobs street-poet

Perfect Dog Match

There is a saying that dog owners resemble their dogs more and more as the years pass.

As I was leaving the super market my attention was drawn to one of those loyal dogs waiting for his boss.

The aging dog had a worn-out look in his face, time had taken its toll obviously.

His eyes were glossed over like a coat had grown over them with a look that only elderly dogs have.

He answered to my voice by a quizzical turn of the head.

He looked happy to meet a sympathetic passer-by and have for a minute a dog’s conversation on the same level.

As sometimes happens in the world of a dog.

We were interrupted the dog and me, by a shuffling of feet and… all of the sudden the picture was complete…..

At a glance I noticed the owner and dog together again --- as they made their way out of the store into the street.

The owner was half blind too and was of the same age equivalent to the dog years

They looked so happy being reunited after the waiting which for the faithful dog seemed like [dog] ages

I couldn’t imagine a better dog- boss match complementing each other.

Nick Jacobs Amsterdam street poet

            Street poet 6 July 2013
           Unstressed existence
People tend to worry too much
Worries about the whether
the next-door neighbor too noisy
your children--job—boss--colleague
NOT being able to get pregnant
not in love or anxious falling in love
we tend to look forward too much
Here and now is the best
no uncertainties about the future
nor what went wrong in the past
being in your own center
Here and now
Is the place to be
Striving for an unstressed moment of
unstressed existence
Nick Jacobs Amsterdam street poet 

        street poet 23 June 2013
             Why Amsterdam
Inner feeling
You can travel any place on earth
As long you have faith in your inner feeling
call it your compass
it will be good for you
Amsterdam or any other place will be as good to YOU want it to be.
So go with the flow
let loose of your doubts and anxieties
follow your deep inner feeling
Your inner compass, guiding you all over the world
like a ship
temporary anchoring in Amsterdam
So you’ll be fine in any place wherever you go, for the moment let it be Amsterdam
discover that after all
there was a deeper meaning
you choose Amsterdam as your temporary haven
Nick Jacobs Amsterdam Street Poet

street poet 7 June 2013
Life at the fullest
In my time, which is a while now
I have seen a lot of things happening flashing before my eyes.
I've felt all sorts of pain heartache and joy.
Tremendous joy too.
I feel alive and well and free to be me.
FREE TO BE is not easy as it seems
nor to understand
for a lot of people
When you see horrible things of all kinds
happens on the globe
Unimaginable hardships people go through
sufferings you hope never have to bear
nor no one should ever have to bear.
I am happy to be a survivor
thriving for justice of life in this unhappy world.
Never knowing what’s around the corner
Isn't that great
not knowing what's around the corner
That’s for me the definition of life at the fullest.The unexpected can be wonderful
Nick Jacobs Amsterdam street poet

Street poet 2 June 2013
The art of Giving

It is the generous giving of ourselves that produces the generous harvest.

Once you have discovered the pleasure of giving........Because giving from the heart is a pleasure

Receiving will be a natural result and NOT be TAKING.
Nick Jacobs Amsterdam street poet

Street poet 1 June 2013
It all depends on you

We all have stronger and weaker points of character. These controversial character be it strong or weak can hinder your personal growth.

To further succeed in life; it comes to the way we further develop our stronger fragments of character to your advantage and eliminate or reduce the weaker parts of our character.

In other words it all depend on you after all life is not a dressed rehearsal. Nick Jacobs street poet

Street poet 27 May 2013
How Easy people get Influenced

After months of grey skys

by the first rays of sunshine the whole atmosphere of the city has been changed

People seem nicer-- more open--answering with a smile

Everything seems lighter even the ringing of the bells of the Wester church toren [tower] sounds lighter

passers-by walking lighter

What a difference a few rays of sun make.

Nick Jacobs Amsterdam street poet

street poet 26 May 3013

Addicts of sensation

Have people learned from other people’s suffering

Why do we need to see disturbing pictures?

each and every day--over and over again

we are confronted with horrific scenes on TV, social media and mass media

more and more confronted with horrendous pictures

day in day out

Worse; it seems that we are drawn to it

Like moths to the flames

We watch it, but it seems that…

Most of us are not able to grasp ghastly reality of what we are spectating

In the Middle Ages

People went to see the stoning death of other people

They pitied the victims and cried all out in terror

Inwardly they were drawn to the sensation, curious they where 

And felt high adrenaline levels in their veins

It seems that people need a daily dose of sensation

Same time growing mentally numb of what they see

Have they really learned from other people’s suffering?

Are we the addicts of sensation?

Amsterdam street poet Nick Jacobs

street-poet 17 May 2013

Many Meanings of Courage

Courage doesn't always roar or yell Sometimes it can be the quiet at the end of the day saying "I will try again tomorrow" 

street-poet 14 May 2013

Precious memories fade

Precious memories fade

over time

The most precious remembrance  

Events then never thought of possible

have faded over time

Most precious happenings

Happenings of the past…… sleeping inside me
slowly; overshadowed by…..

the present creeping slowly….
towards me, keeping me company
day in day out

Lucky me ……looking back with a smile

realizing those days where an essential part of what I am now

It is fine; making peace with the past  

understanding that memories of the past

are an intrinsic part of the future

Nick Jacobs Amsterdam street-poet

street-poet May 13 2013

The power of life

Remember this is your life

So it is always worth and meaningful

Even at days you’re down

Remember you are in the driving seat

It’s your life not other’s

So stop worrying

You can relax

And repeat this mantra

“this is the first day of the rest of my life”

By repeating this mantra

Eventually; you will look differently towards life

Suddenly you feel the eternal power
the power of love and life
Nick Jacobs Amsterdam street-poet

street-poet 29 April 2013

Life is trial and error

Life can take unexpected twist and turns

People openly enjoying their success with pride

Never aware of the ironic capriciousness of life

Walking with their heads in cloud

Are the most vulnerable ones

Suddenly realizing

That their anticipated success  

Was founded on an illusion

Suffering the most of life’s unexpected trials and tribulations

The ones who erred a lot

Come out the strongest

Nick Jacobs Amsterdam Street-Poet

Street Poet April 22 2013

The Crowning Jitters

My natal city is momentarily in trance

For the crowing of Prince Willem Alexander

Our New King in the making  

All of a sudden the nation is full of ideas

Even staunch republicans are

For a brief moment turned royalists

Composing a King’s song

Not many people really see eye to eye

Some openly snigger in anticipation   

But for time’s sake play along with it

Singing the King’s song

Not agreeable to a lot of people

Some people never thought of it

An unholy outpour of royalism  

A united kingdom on the surface

Even people you’d never think of

Are playing their game

Not from their real conviction

However just to be in the spotlight

After the 30th of April

When the party is over

They continue with their everyday life

Getting the attention

Without conviction

But for now

It seems that they belief in themselves

Follow the crowd

Long Live the New King!

Nick Jacobs Amsterdam street-poet

street-poet April 13 2013

Be Cautious Flirting

Flirting can be joyful—if can give you a nice boost to your ego—but be careful flirting.

For a short moment you can feel like sitting on a cloud in the sky--it can set of a chain-reaction of thoughts—emotions—unexpected feelings—or to daydreaming—for the long awaited Mr or Mrs perfect--or for a way of life you couldn’t dream of—name it.

Flirting can trigger of a lot---like the guy who made quite a great show to a pretty girl—it was a merry show—to watch.

Quite gallantly he was dancing around the girl—winking—with bright shining eyes full of expectation—showing his feathers like a peacock.  

He Mr wonderful approached the girl with a funny smirk on the face—full of expectation--he whispered the girl swansong in her ear----the girl whispered something back--in his ear.

From the body language of the guy I noticed he was embarrassed---that the answer was NOT what he expected—turned not out to his anticipation.

Puff the flirting balloon broke—dream gone.

Therefore flirting can be fun—but just as in normal daily life—a flirtation—short as it is--can hurt the soul—to the marrow.   Nick Jacobs Amsterdam street-poet

street-poet March 29 2013

Caught at the Dam Square

In 1973 a young man from a dreary miner’s village in the South—escaped to swinging Amsterdam—to get away from the dysfunctional family in which he was born with a good for nothing alcoholic father and a long suffering mother.

At that time it was all happening in “Swinging Amsterdam”—so it was paradise for the young man and he really lived it up.

In the meantime at home his mother decided to hire a policeman and go to Amsterdam to bring him back home.

On the second day in Amsterdam—the policeman suggested going to the Dam Square being THE place where to find him.

Indeed they surprised him and he was caught unexpectedly apprehended and travelled back handcuffed to the desolate miner’s village where he came from.

What happened next were totally against his parents expectations--and beyond his imagination—the lost son received a hero’s welcome from his peers back home his village.

That incident 40 years ago was the beginning for the young man of a great career--being caught on the Dam Square shaped his further life and was a blessing in disguise.Nick Jacobs street-poet

street-poet March 28 2013

All is fair in Love & Finance

Two guys met in a crowded place--one guy loud talking and gesticulating…. The other guy; calmly listening to the verbal diarrhea of the narrator.  

Only small parts of what the guy was narrating  was audible—uncool--remember--she---her--influenced--horrified---shock--what to do--now?

On and on and on it went--the guy listening at the tirade of his friend— got clearly unconformable---it looked as he was transfixed—by the words of the other.

Five minutes later the guy listening had hardly said anything back.

I saw clearly that the guy got fed-up with the one way story of the other an hopeless expression came over his face.

It was clear that he was looking for a way out.

By the minute it was clear that the listening wanted to get out---out—and was looking for the exit.

However the narrator didn’t notice the annoyance of the other at all.

All of the sudden he stood up—shakes hands amicably and said with a laconic smirk on the face “you know what-all is fair in love and finance” and walked clearly relieved out of the place.

Leaving the narrator dumb folded behind muttering “what the hack of an answer, all is fair in Love & Finance”    

Nick Jacobs Amsterdam street-poet

Incarnation of Lady Godiva on a Scooter

The sun came out end of winter at last.

Spring has arrived.

The town awoke from a deep comatose -- winter sleep.

I was walking through the streets in the old city centre of Amsterdam and had to stop for a red pedestrian light.

A young woman on a sporty flashy black scooter stopped - to let the traffic pass by.

The girl was dressed in a tight black leather outfit.

From under the black matching sporty helmet shone her dark curly hair.

She was superbly shaped and had a defiant air around her.

For a split second our eyes met.

A masked smile between smirk and grin came on her lips.

Her amber almond eyes indicated “I know that I am a belle”

And enjoying every second of the newly arrived Spring in the air.

Then the light went green and she hit the throttle.

And she sprung away like a gazelle leaving a modest plume of smoke behind - In the morning spring air full of dew.

The incarnation of the 21 first century Lady Godiva

Nick Jacobs Amsterdam street-poet

Isn’t everybody’s wish being on a “Small Pink Cloud”

The street-poet cycled this morning along de “Prinsengracht” and picked up a fragment of a conversation of a girl passing by on her bike………exclaiming  ‘oh I am feeling on a small pink cloud’

From the tone of her voice it was clear to me that the girl was ecstatic of something amazing had happened in her life and the need to share….that amazing FEELING…. with some-one…

So what is more crucial the actual Special feeling or the SHARING with others….

I made me wonder when people are in a whatsoever state … they immediately begin to mesmerize upon ….how to share -- tell their friends….. like travellers incessantly taking pictures….hardly noticing what is really happening around them – preoccupied - their minds running away with them….not able to be really in the moment?

Being really there…grounded on the spot….wouldn’t that be fantastic.

Enjoying the moment…..not having little self-imposed reasoning….heaps of small things to do standing in between the physical you and your perceived self.

Aren’t we all deep inside longing for something amazing to happen and really go…go..go… for 100% after that special moment--feeling?

Maybe then….if you have really arrived THERE sitting on your “little pink cloud” you would not choose to come down to the daily turmoil of our existence.

Nick Jacobs Amsterdam street-poet

Spring is in the air Amsterdam is preparing for its long awaited festivities

Like a girl for an evening outing putting on her ‘glad rags’...... so is the city preparing for its long awaited festivities

As soon as spring beckons…gently shining the first dewed rays of spring sun

Changing people’s collective minds… immediately they spring into action… run outside in droves and crowding the streets…

To catch the first sun rays or… goes for a run …. to the “Vondelpark”

A bucket full of penned up feelings sampled during the long dark winter-months results into a massive outpour onto the streets..

Like first spring flowers now popping out and going berserk everywhere.

Then in the park they can let run their desires to do everything they can’t do in winter time…

From walking - attending pop-concerts – jogging – sunbathing – smoking - hanging out in droves – laughing – kissing -- drinking – the list goes on.

On a collective base a huge splurge of life & emotions are being let out in the “Vondelpark”

Amazing how the outpour of all kind of desires have come into motion…like a machine nobody can stop – all the way through till  autumn then it comes gradually to a standstill … tired of the festivities they crawl back into hibernation…

Welcome to spring.  The party has started…….. Nick Jacobs Amsterdam street-poet

Looking for some exercise in the city center same time enjoying spectacular views of Amsterdam? Climb the Wester church tower!"de Westertoren? and you will enjoy spectacular views from this ancient spot  click here

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