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Our successful proven web-marketing-service can bring your web based business prosperity 

Or how about using our web-marketing-service and the Internet as a springboard to expand your offline business? No matter where your business is, no matter which niche – our applied service is a long standing successfully proven system “Site Build It!” is the one of the best formulas to build your internet business quicker than average and most importantly build it faster than your competitor takes to build a website.

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Do not just build another unvisited website. Instead have a look at our web-marketing-service in order build a site that attracts hot, willing-to-buy visitors... success guaranteed – traffic and long standing business building success. Get an idea of LONG TAIL MARKETING

Do you have a small business (1-10 employees), that is largely offline our advanced web-marketing-service can assist you to achieve a high search engine ranking.

Are your clients mostly local? For example a fitness-club, a bakery shop or an artist in Amsterdam the Netherlands or the Dutch Antilles – Australia - West Indies by using our web-marketing service can assist you finding and developing a strong internet presence in your own geographic niche market whether you are a plumber in the Hague – Netherlands or Alaska you can by applying our web-marketing-service to beat your competitors.

Internet marketing business has changed rapidly you might think that the internet, especially your own website, offers great opportunities for your small businesses with a local reputation and  customer base concentrated in a small geographic area. You cannot imagine the potential of your business and that it might be a SLEEPING TIGER! If you distinguish yourself applying our web-marketing-service and raise your profile i.e a Italian restaurant in Rotterdam – Holland can for example run "INTER-Net special of the week" and see the turnover increase by 35% the first week after running the "INTER-Net special of the week"

The intense development and marketing efforts of the major engines in local search will rapidly magnify the importance of an effective geo-local Web site.

The above shows you how to build a highly trafficked website that will in turn build your local business. It gives you all the tools to do it yourself...or you can hire us as Webmaster to do it for you, either way all that is what our web-marketing-service stands for.

You can pull high volumes of targeted traffic to your site by building or let us building web pages for you focusing upon frequently searched keywords applicable to topics related to your business. Traffic that will dwarf what the Yellow Pages delivers on a dollar-per-thousand inquiries basis, and traffic that may open up entire new horizons.

You will generate big business locally and globally if you want you can measure your web traffic [success] by using integrated tools in the web-portal of site builder.

So many businesses fail because they just "put up a web site." and then, a few months later... with the conclusion “the Net didn't do anything for me!"

Our way of web marketing service process shows you the way to build a strong online presence that will generate traffic, build credibility and trust, and get the sale done all of which will expand your existing offline, local business.

Our system will make it possible for you to extend your business into new monetization avenues, should you so desire……

·       To convert knowledge and information related to your business niche into a theme-based content site. Yes, you can do this yourself, from the ground up, one step at a time.

·       Or you can consult us to assist you in  helping you to turn your quality website into your own unique website to implement the flawless step-by-step process to build a theme-based content website.

·       We are able to automate the tedious elements of site promotion and management of the website so you can focuss entirely on running your business and let us do all the technical work for you.

·       A series of professional, integrated tools are designed specifically to maximize your Return On Investment (ROI)

·       Your growing website will generate targeted visitors who quickly will become hot, willing PRE-sold prospective clients. They are ready for you to "monetize" (i.e., convert into income through a variety of methods/models).

·       Will you use your website only to grow your local business, or to expand its revenue bases by applying Google or Yahoo or affiliate ads on your site.  

·       We are there to assist you to bring the knowledge of your business, and the motivation to use the World Wide Web in a monetizing way.

·       The lifeblood of your business is new customers.

·       Our Unique traffic 2.0 program makes it possible that visitors on your site interact by giving comments or reviews resulting in visitors growth therefore traffic, which equals money.

·       Convert traffic into business income by using and applying all unique SBI tools no other site builder has to offer.

The job of your website is to deliver your business growth. So here's our definition of "success" Hundreds of visitors to your website per day, every day, generated by you - increasing to thousands as you continue to create high-value, high-ranking content related to your site's theme. Achieve this; and your only remaining challenge is a most interesting and pleasing one your site visitors love.

We provide you all you need to complete the business-building profit-generating process. Look at the following staggering results:

·       51% of SBI our system build Websites fall within the top

·       We are 6% most popular websites builders on the Internet

·       30% fall within the 3% most popular

·       17% fall within the 2% most popular

·       Our SBI applied system process makes it so simple to build      your Your traffic [equals money] will grow.

After all, the World Wide Web is a "global medium." It is a fact that web marketing together with our web-marketing-service, when all steps are taken correctly is by far the most economical way to build a successful local-national or global business by using techniques of our web-marketing-service.

How can our web-marketing service assist you to be among the 0.5% successfully internet marketing entrepreneurs?

·       Our web-marketing-service include: research the internet first, saving you time money and disappointment..

·       By placing your business head and shoulders above your competitors by…….

·       Brainstorming the site concept first and……

·       Develop a Blue Print for success and providing exact…..

·       Containing exact keywords and keyword phrases for……..

·       Assist you in choosing the right domain name placing you ahead in the crowd.

·       After the above we perform and apply our web-marketing-service and manage a website builder to put your website live on the internet.

·       All necessary tools to build and to manage your website saving a lot of time and money so you can….

·       So making it possible to raise your local profile and position - products and services

·       Promote locally-nationally-internationally and pre sell customers from competitors.

·       Assist you to stay "top-of-mind" and deepen your customer relationships through an e-zine, electronic newsletter or both.

·       Building sales, too - ex. "It's autumn, which means it's time for servicing your heating warm water system"

·       Build targeted traffic local and global to find new customers, even….. more adding entirely new income streams - ex. as a “springtime window cleaning service” or your……

·       Articles of art-design not only endear you to local customers, but will attract global clients too – by using our proven system you can monetize traffic to your website through Google advertising and affiliate programs hyperlinks.

·       Leverage their local expertise and knowledge for your global clients - selling their goods online, even through online auctions

·       You can build  solid web presence, generate targeted traffic, build loyalty through a newsletter for customers, giving the edge to your local competition.

·       Add new income streams by applying our web-marketing-service tools and system.

To summarize an increasing numbers of searching pre-customers use global search engines to find local businesses. More and more small local businesses are using the Interest. When applied well a self-feeding trend is hitting critical mass and off you go expanding your business.

GO With the Flow:

Both Google and Yahoo! have launched a couple of years ago "local search" versions of their search engines. Matter of fact major Search Engines consider local online search of paramount importance. This is an ongoing trend you might wish to exploit.

By applying proven search engines techniques you can easily broaden a search beyond your neighborhood to a nearby city or to the entire region. Try that with your local Yellow Pages directory!

With a Web site the smallest of companies can compete on the same level as the biggest. You do not have to buy complicated, expensive Yellow Pages packages, multiple half-page ads, to get "full coverage across several business categories or geographic regions" to get noticed. Your well-chosen “niche” website will give you the edge.

Decision-Making Made Easy By Choose It! This is only an extracted part of what we can do for you Off course there are many more things to be done to get you to the above mentioned level of success. For more information please contact it will be a pleasure to build on your business success. Nick Jacobs your internet marketing consultant.

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